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Animals have used herbs for healing long before man first walked the earth. In the wild, sick animals forage plants with antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties. Herbs form the core of Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese and Western Herbal medicine. Holistic veterinarians are integrating the herbal tinctures, powders, insect repellents, creams and cleansers featured here with other healing protocols.

Performance & Energy

Image Not Available Animal Essentials
Herbal Green Alternative
Herbal Supplement
(300 grams)

Organic nutritive herbal antioxidant formula.  

Includes Spirulina which is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

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Image Not Available Optimum Health & Maintenance
(1 lb.)

A proprietary blend of detoxifying and anti-inflammatory foods including the super green foods Chlorella, Spirulina and the patented AstaMatrix® formula containing Astaxanthin. 

Great for skin, coat, performance and when immune system support is necessary.

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